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Stormscope/Strike Finder

Stormscope / Strike Finder"Thunderstorm Season" is upon us. Keeping a comfortable distance away from these thunderstorms is of vital importance to your safety. You should fly with the confidence and information a Stormscope or Strike Finder system will bring.

(While the Stormscope family is better known, the Strike Finder uses the same type of technology, with comparable features and performance.)

These systems are excellent tools to help you avoid Nature's worst weather. They can detect thunderstorm activity that your on-board radar (or even ground-based radar) can miss. The Stormscope and Strike Finder detect thunderstorms in an entirely different way than radar. Radar merely measures the energy reflected by precipitation. An area of heavy precipitation may or may not indicate the location of convective activity (and turbulence).

A Stormscope or Strike Finder instead measures the actual electrical discharges that accompany a thunderstorm. These discharges may be cloud to ground, cloud to cloud, or within a cloud, and are an excellent indication of thunderstorm strength. When the airspace ahead of you is lighted up on the display, it's time to find another route!

These are all solid-state, low-power, passive detection systems with no moving parts. Unlike radar, they work on the ground, even before engine start.

If you are looking for an Stormscope/Strike Finder that is not listed here, please click Ask us about an Stormscope/Strike Finder to send us an email. If we don't have it in stock, we can find it for you!

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