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CP-135M Audio Panel and Marker Beacon Receiver


CP-135M Audio Panel and Marker Beacon Receiver

Product Information
Part Number: P/N: CP135M
Condition: Serviceable (Certified Used)
Certification: 8130-3
Voltage: 14/28 V
Included: Rack & Connector (if needed), 90 Day Warranty

Product Description

We don't sell many CP-135 / CP-136 for new Audio Panel installations, nor do we recommend them for this application. But if you need a slide-in replacement, a CP-135 and/or CP-136 may be worth considering. (It is disproportionately expensive to install an Audio Panel because of all the wires that come together.)

The CP-135 and CP-136 are physically interchangeable.

The difference between the CP-135 and CP-136 is an Audio Amplifier. The CP-136 is able to power a cabin speaker, and the CP-135 is not.

If a CP-135 is replaced with a CP-136, the installation will not utilize the CP-136's amplifier as wired, and the speaker will not be powered. (It would require some additional connections to use the amplifier.)

If a CP-136 is replaced with a CP-135, the cabin speaker will no longer be powered.

For either the CP-135 or CP-136, the "M" suffix means Marker Beacon Receiver. The CP-135M and CP-136M have an internal Marker Beacon Receiver. The CP-135 and CP-136 are able to use an external Marker Beacon Receiver, but they do not have this receiver built in.

Narco's CP-135M combines both an Audio Panel and Marker Beacon Receiver in a compact unit. (The "non-M" version does not include the marker section.) Despite its small size, the CP-135M uses large pushbuttons to positively select the audio source. It also features a marker audio muting control and High / Low marker volume. A test function verifies that the marker section is working properly.

Some of our CP-135M's, like the one pictured here, have a refurbished face plate and look very clean. These are used avionics that don't look used up!

The CP-135M has the following switch positions:

  • 2 COMMs
  • Both (COMMs)
  • 2 NAVs
  • ADF
  • Marker Beacon / DME
  • Speaker
If you have any questions about this item, please click Ask us about the Narco CP-135M Audio Panel and Marker Beacon Receiver to send us an email.

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