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Bennett Avionics

Why Bennett Avionics?

Once you decide to consider buying used avionics, you need to determine where to shop. We’re obviously biased, but we believe you should shop at Bennett Avionics. Here are the reasons why we think this is a good decision.

Company Focus
We specialize in the world-wide sale of used avionics, and used avionics is our only business. We are aware of very few other companies that can make this statement. We don’t pretend to be a full service pilot shop, and this allows us to serve your used avionics needs to the very best of our ability.

Market Awareness
Most avionics shops are not interested in used avionics. They are in the business of selling and installing new avionics. They may take your used avionics in trade, but that is only to facilitate the sale of the replacement new avionics. Shops that only dabble in used avionics do not know the market. If they undervalue a radio, you are not getting the trade-in value you deserve. If they overvalue a radio, they then have to pass this cost along to the buyer of that used radio. We buy and sell used avionics every day, and know the values these radios command on the used avionics market.

Dependable Equipment
You can be confident in the performance of the radios we sell. We work with the best avionics repair facilities in the business, literally from California to Maine. We deal with enough volume to be able to spot reliability trends, and to know if a particular model has an “Achilles’ heel”. If we don’t have confidence in a model, if it is too old to repair or to cover with our warranty, we don’t sell it.

We have been buying and selling used avionics since the mid 1970s. We have a solid track record, and a very positive reputation in the industry. We can present a range of options and prices, as well as assist in the development of a upgrade plan.

Product Certification
Virtually everything we sell has either a Yellow Tag or an 8130-3 Serviceable tag. Either means that the radio earning the tag has met the manufacturer’s performance specifications, and it is legally approved for installation and operation.

Warranty Protection
We stand behind our products. If you have a problem during the warranty period, we will make it right. Plus, we offer you a warranty choice. In addition to our industry-standard 90 day warranty, we now offer an opportunity to purchase a 1 year warranty for 10% of the outright purchase price of an item. This is strictly optional, and if you decline, you still receive the industry-standard 90 day protection.

Any used radio will have some wear on the faceplate, it’s just a matter of degree. Bennett Avionics sells some of the best-looking used avionics you will find anywhere.

Wide Selection
If a traditional avionics shop carries used avionics, they typically only stock the items their customers have traded in. We maintain a very wide inventory, across product categories, brands, production “generations”, and the price spectrum. And if you need something that we don’t have in stock, we can usually locate it for you. We maintain subscriptions to several industry databases, and we commonly visit avionics shops across the country to learn what they have available. If anyone can find the used avionics you need, it’s Bennett Avionics.

We accept trade-ins, providing an outlet for your current avionics. Even if your local avionics shop doesn’t want your radios, we are interested in them. We have customers at all points of the avionics “ladder”, including someone looking for your radios. Unless we have an overabundance of the radio(s) you are trading in, we will work out a trade-in credit. And even if we don’t currently need your radios, we will be happy to add you to our database for a possible future purchase. If you still own the radio(s) the next time we are buying, we will work to reach an agreement.

Next step?
Once you have decided to shop at Bennett Avionics, please contact us with the following information. These details help us understand your needs, and the better our understanding, the better we can serve you.

  • Make, model, and production year of the aircraft
  • Voltage of the electrical system (either 12/14 volts or 24/28 volts)
  • Make and model of your installed avionics (to determine compatibility)
  • Approximate budget
  • A description of your type of flying (VFR, IFR, local, cross-country, etc.)
  • Expected remaining years your will own this aircraft
  • Trade-ins (if any)

If you have any questions about Bennett Avionics, the way we conduct business, and the used avionics we carry, please contact us. We are happy to discuss your situation, learn your needs, and present options for you to consider.