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King KI-211C VOR / LOC / Glideslope Indicator / Glideslope Receiver - Click to enlarge
King KI-211C VOR / LOC / Glideslope Indicator / Glideslope Receiver - Click to enlarge

Order Information

King KI-211C VOR / LOC / Glideslope Indicator / Glideslope Receiver

Product Information
ModelKing KI-211C VOR / LOC / Glideslope Indicator / Glideslope Receiver
Part NumberP/N: 069-1010-04
Voltage14 volts
Included90 Day Warranty
CommentsWe no longer keep the KI-211C in our inventory, due to the age of the unit and cost to repair. If you need a KI-211C and have some time, we may be able to locate one for you.

If you are willing to consider alternatives, the KI-214 Indicator is very similar. However, it uses a different connector. We recommend a KI-209 Indicator and KN-75 Glideslope Receiver for a much more reliable Glideslope system.

The KI-211C is a low-cost way to add glideslope capability with King quality. It contains an internal 20 channel Glideslope Receiver, instead of the more common 40 channels.

The KI-211C will provide glideslope guidance on the following frequencies:
  • 108 to 111
  • .1 , .3 , .5 , .7 , and .9 (i.e. the odd decimals)

On approaches that use one of the other 20 channels, the pilot will get Localizer guidance, but not Glideslope, turning it into a non-precision approach. At many airports with multiple approaches, at least one of them will provide Glideslope with the KI-211C.

We recommend the KI-211C to replace an existing KI-211C. If you are considering this item for a new installation, we recommend you consider the KI-214 instead. The KI-214 is a bit more expensive, but you will know that every ILS is available to you.

The KI-211C features:

  • Internal VOR/LOC converter
  • Glass lens
  • TO / FROM Flag
King's KI-211C is designed to be used with the following equipment:
  • KX-170B NAV/COMM
  • KX-175B NAV/COMM
You may also be interested in a NAV/COMM to use with this KI-211C.

If you have any questions about this item, please click Ask us about the King KI-211C VOR / LOC / Glideslope Indicator / Glideslope Receiver to send us an email.

Click an image below to enlarge
King KI-211C VOR / LOC / Glideslope Indicator / Glideslope Receiver - Inset 1 - Click to enlarge

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