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KLX-135A VFR GPS / Moving Map / COMM Transceiver


KLX-135A VFR GPS / Moving Map / COMM Transceiver

Product Information
Part Number: P/N: 069-01029-0703 - Standard KLX-135A
Part Number: P/N: 070-01029-0010 - System with Atlantic International database
Part Number: P/N: 070-01029-0010 - System with Pacific International database
Part Number: P/N: 070-01029-0010 - System with Americas database
Condition: Serviceable (Certified Used)
Certification: 8130-3
Voltage: 14 V
Included: Existing Database, 90 Day Warranty
Included: GPS Antenna, Rack, Connector available at extra cost if needed
Comments: This radio may be used in a 28 V aircraft, but it will require a voltage converter.
Comments: Some of our KLX-135A sales are for customers who are replacing another KLX-135A. These customers do not need the GPS antenna, mounting rack, or connectors, and we do not want to charge them for items they do not need.
Comments: If you need these items for a new installation, please choose "Yes" in response to the "Need Installation Hardware" question.

Product Description

The King KLX-135A GPS/COMM Transceiver puts a ton of capability in a compact, lightweight package. In essence, the KLX-135A combines a full-featured NAV and a VFR GPS in one chassis. As a bonus, these two halves are integrated to work together, easing the pilot's workload.

The COMM side of the KLX-135A features:

  • 760 COMM channels
  • 5 watts nominal transmission power
  • Pushbutton flip-flop between active and standby frequencies
  • Internal audio amplifier

The GPS side of the KLX-135A features:

  • GPS XPRESS 8 channel parallel receiver, which tracks 8 satellites at once
  • Jeppesen database with airports, navaids, and special-use airspace (SUA) information
  • High visibility moving map display, oriented either "North-Up" or "Track-Up"
  • Nearest Airport function, which may be shown continuously for extra peace of mind
  • "Direct To" navigation to any waypoint
  • 10 stored flight plans
  • 250 user-defined waypoints

The integration between the COMM side and the GPS side is something that King calls Quicktune. With Quicktune, the pilot may quickly and easily select the appropriate COMM frequency for a given waypoint from the database. This insures that the pilot has the right frequency when or, even better, before it is needed.

Other features of the KLX-135A GPS/COMM include:

  • RS-232 output provides NAV and flight plan data for external moving maps
  • Database subscription available directly from King
  • Able to drive an external CDI, HSI, autopilot, and annunciators
  • TSO'd


The KLX-135A provides non-precision guidance, without vertical information. Unless this GPS shares an Indicator which provides Glideslope, it is typically paired with a non-Glideslope Indicator: 

If you have any questions about this item, please click Ask us about the King KLX-135A VFR GPS / Moving Map / COMM Transceiver to send us an email.

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