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KT-70 Mode S Transponder


KT-70 Mode S Transponder

Product Information
Part Number: P/N: 066-01141-0101 - Standard KT-70 (most common)
Part Number: P/N: 066-01141-0201 - Silver Crown Plus version
Part Number: P/N: 066-01141-1101 - 5 volt lighting and without faceplate (CNI-5000 version)
Condition: Serviceable (Certified Used)
Certification: 8130-3
Voltage: 14/28 V
Included: Rack, Connector, Mode S Programming Module (if needed), 90 Day Warranty
Comments: The KT-70 offers Mode S operation, but it does not support TIS traffic. The King KT-73 is required for TIS.
Comments: According to the United Kingdom's CAA, the KT-70 does not meet European Mode S requirements.
Comments: The KT-70 should not be used with any ABS-B Out solutions which work with an existing Transponder. They are designed to work with a Mode C Transponder, not a Mode S Transponder.

Product Description

The KT-70 is a technological step up from the popular KT-76 series of transponders. Unlike these Mode C transponders, the KT-70 is also capable of Mode S operation. In fact, the KT-70 was the first panel mounted Mode S transponder.

Mode S stands for "selective", and it is helpful for both the pilot and controllers. A Mode S transponder is uniquely identified, and can send this identity data. This allows the ATCRBS system to call a transponder individually (selectively), reducing bandwidth needs in crowded airspace. Mode S transponders are not yet required, but like Mode C in the past, that day is coming.

With 250 watts of transmission power, the KT-70 offers long range and operation at any altitude. It also takes the same amount of panel space as a KT-76 series transponder, permitting upgrades without moving other radios. (The KT-70 is a new installation, but you won't have to make space for it.)

The KT-70 features:

  • Self-dimming gas discharge display
  • Displays the ATCRBS code and encoded altitude transmitted
  • Push button selection of VFR code (1200)
  • 250 watts of power
  • Supports a remote ident button
  • System self-test function
  • TSO'd

You may also be interested in an Encoder to use with this KT-70. This is required for Mode S (or Mode C) operation.

If you have any questions about this item, please click Ask us about the King KT-70 Mode S Transponder to send us an email.

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