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WX-11 Stormscope



WX-11 Stormscope

Product Information
Part Number: P/N: 78-8047-0966-1 - Display
Part Number: P/N: 78-8047-0958-8 - Processor
Part Number: P/N: 78-8041-7950-1 - Single-connector Antenna (more common)
Part Number: P/N: 78-8041-7950-5 - Dual-connector Antenna
Condition: Serviceable (Certified Used)
Certification: 8130-3
Voltage: 14/28 V
Included: Display, Processor, Antenna, Connectors, 90 Day Warranty
Comments: This Stormscope system may be slaved to the bootstrap heading output from a Compass System (HSI).

Product Description

The WX-11 Stormscope is more advanced than the WX-10 and WX-10A because it is gyro stabilized. It uses the bootstrap output from your HSI to keep the display oriented to the current aircraft heading during turns.

On a Stormscope that is not gyro stabilized, after a turn, the pilot should clear the display to allow the activity to be detected on the new bearing. This is not necessary with the WX-11, since the display has "turned" with your aircraft.

Consider this as an example: There are electrical discharges detected straight ahead. The pilot makes a 90 degree turn to the left. Now the display will correctly show the storm off the right wing. A display that is not gyro stabilized will still show the activity straight ahead until that information expires.

This is a great feature to reduce pilot workload and improve situational awareness. Using a gyro-stabilized display is most helpful when maneuvering during departure and approach, when the pilot is busiest.

The other WX-11 features are very similar to the WX-10 and WX-10A. The WX-11 System consists of a display, remote processor, and an antenna. This Stormscope offers thunderstorm information on a bright green CRT display. The more the dots on the display are clustered together, the stronger the storm activity. Up to 256 dots may be displayed. The WX-11 also has a Forward mode to concentrate the display and processing power on the airspace ahead of you.

The WX-11 Stormscope features:

  • Choice of display ranges: 25, 50, 100, and 200 nm
  • Stores lightning data in all ranges simultaneously, making it easy and useful to toggle between them
  • 360° view of surrounding airspace or 180° view of forward airspace
  • Clear function to help determine storm intensity and movement
  • Test function to verify proper operation
  • Gyro test function to verify proper heading input (If your HSI has an electronic fault output, the WX-11 can display a warning flag if detected.)
If you have any questions about this item, please click Ask us about the 3M WX-11 Stormscope to send us an email.

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