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Product Information
Part Number: Either P/N is possible, depending on whether the original "pre-conversion" radio was a KX-170B or KX-175B.
Part Number: P/N: 069-1019-00
Part Number: P/N: 069-1020-00
Condition: Serviceable (Certified Used)
Certification: 8130-3 or Yellow Tag Repaired Certificate
Voltage: 14 V
Included: 90 Day Warranty
Comments: There is no Rack and Connector included with this radio, as it is designed to use your existing KX-170 series / KX-175 series hardware.
Plug-in replacement: TKM MX-170C (Factory New)
Plug-in replacement: TKM MX-170C
Plug-in replacement: TKM MX-170B
Plug-in replacement: McCoy MAC-1700
Plug-in replacement: King KX-170B
Plug-in replacement: King KX-175B

Product Description

When you want to upgrade your radios, one of the common barriers is the cost and hassle of installation. Wouldn't it be great to just slide a replacement right into the existing rack? If you have thought this, and you have a KX-170B or KX-175B installed, you should know about the MAC-1700 VTX.

The MAC-1700 VTX is an upgraded version of the MAC-1700. The "VTX" version adds the following features:

  • MACVoice - A synthesized voice reads the active / standby frequencies to you, on either the COMM or NAV sides. The voice is also used to call out remaining time on the countdown timer.
  • Elapsed time / total time timer - The radio stores the elapsed time for last 8 flights. Also, it can be programmed to offer a reminder every 30 minutes or 1 hour, which can be helpful when remembering to change fuel tanks.
  • Expanded frequency storage memory - Instead of storing 20 frequencies (10 COMM, 10 NAV), the VTX has 6 memory banks of 20 frequencies each.
  • 760 COMM channels - The regular MAC-1700 has 720 COMM channels.

The rest of your avionics will neither know nor care that your KX-170B or KX-175B has been upgraded, but you will definitely notice the convenience.

The "regular" MAC-1700 features are still present:

  • Digital tuning
  • Active / standby frequency display
  • Push button frequency flip-flop
  • Memory channels (10 each for the NAV and COMM sides)
  • 200 NAV channels
  • 7 watts minimum power

These are the most common indicators used in MAC-1700 VTX installations (the same as with a KX-170B installation):

    For VOR/LOC/Glideslope installations:
If you have any questions about this item, please click Ask us about the McCoy MAC-1700 VTX NAV/COMM to send us an email.

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