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There is currently a 3-4 week lead time to get a Serviceable MX-170B certified and ready to ship. We have 1 x Serviceable MX-170C ready for immediate shipment. We can order new MX-170C radios at any time.
Product Information
Part Number: P/N: MX170B - Original version
Part Number: P/N: MX170C - Newer version
Condition: Serviceable
Certification: 8130-3
Voltage: 14 V
Included: 90 Day Warranty
Comments: There is no Rack and Connector included with this radio, as it is designed to use your existing KX-170 series / KX-175 series hardware.
Comments: We currently have several MX-170B radios (and 1 x MX-170C) in the shop for repair and certification. They will be ready to ship once they earn fresh 8130-3 certificates.
Comments: We also have the option of ordering a brand new MX-170C for you. We would have this radio shipped directly from the factory to your shipping address.

Product Description

When you want to upgrade your radios, one of the common barriers is the cost and hassle of installation. Wouldn't it be great to just slide a replacement right into the existing rack? If you have thought this, you should know about TKM. TKM has developed a special niche in the avionics market. They make only direct replacement radios for common older avionics. This means that the owner of a TKM radio can quickly and easily replace the original radio at no installation cost, while enjoying convenience features such as frequency flip flop, frequency memory, and a bright easy-to-read display. The MX-170B is the TKM radio designed as a slide-in replacement for the King KX-170B and KX-175B NAV/COMMs. There is more to the MX-170B than just painless installation. It features:

  • 200 NAV channels
  • 760 COMM channels
  • FM Immune (ICAO Annex 10)
  • Simultaneous digital display of both active and standby frequencies
  • Push button frequency flip-flop
  • 10 memory channels
  • 8 watts transmit power
  • Automatic squelch

These are the most common indicators used in MX-170B installations (the same as with a KX-170B installation):

    For VOR/LOC installations:
  • KI-201C VOR/LOC Indicator
  • KI-208 VOR/LOC Indicator
  • KI-208A GPS/VOR/LOC Indicator
  • For VOR/LOC/Glideslope installations:
  • KI-214 VOR/LOC/Glideslope Indicator & internal Glideslope Receiver
  • KI-209 VOR/LOC/Glideslope Indicator & KN-75 Glideslope Receiver
  • KI-209A GPS/VOR/LOC/Glideslope Indicator & KN-75 Glideslope Receiver

If they are not already installed with your KX-170B / KX-175B, you may also be interested in a Glideslope Receiver or Indicator to use with this MX-170B. Your replaced KX-170B or KX-175B may still have some value. Please contact us with the model, condition, and operation of your radio for the latest core credit.

If you have any questions about this item, please click Ask us about the TKM MX-170B NAV/COMM to send us an email.

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