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NSD-360A Slaved Compass System (HSI)


NSD-360A Slaved Compass System (HSI)

Product Information
Part Number: NSD-360A - P/N: 52D137-1332 - Original ARC / Cessna version
Part Number: NSD-360A - P/N: 52D137-1333 - Current Century version
Part Number: 1C714 - P/N: IC714 - Without bootstrap output
Part Number: 1D755 - P/N: ID755 - With bootstrap output (extra cost option)
Part Number: 1B495 - P/N: FD01-0101-1 - Connector on chassis
Part Number: 1B495 - P/N: FD01-0201-2 - Connector on pigtail
Part Number: 1B495 - P/N: FD01-0301-1 - Larger connector on pigtail
Condition: Overhauled
Certification: 8130-3
Voltage: 14/28 V
Included: Connectors (if needed), 6 Month Warranty
Comments: Requires 5 in/Hg Air for proper Gyro operation
Comments: We typically have a 1-2 week lead time for Compass Systems / HSIs. If you're in a hurry, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Product Description

The Century NSD-360A HSI is a popular, less expensive alternative to the King KCS-55A. The biggest difference is that the NSD-360A is operated by vacuum, while the KCS-55A is electric.

This version of the NSD-360A is Slaved, which means that the Gyro is not subject to precession. With a Slaved system, the pilot does not need to keep making corrections to the heading.

Unlike the one-piece non-slaved NSD-360A, the slaved NSD-360A requires three components. These are the NSD-360A HSI / Gyro, 1C714 (without bootstrap output) or 1D755 (with bootstrap output, extra cost option) Slaving Amplifier, and 1B495 Flux Detector.

The NSD-360A shows both your heading and course information on the same display. It may be interfaced with an Autopilot or Flight Director. It also has a Glideslope indication that appears when flying a precision (ILS or WAAS GPS) approach. Like all HSIs, the "top-down" perspective combines information that would normally be shown separately on a Directional Gyro and CDI.

The NSD-360A features:

  • Full-time 360-Degree Heading Presentation
  • Rectilinear Course Deviation Indicator
  • Full View Glideslope Indicator
  • Masking Glideslope Warning Flag
  • 45-Degree Tic Marks
  • Referencing Heading Bug
  • Failed Gyro Warning Flag
  • Free Gyro Mode
  • Gyro Caging Knob
  • Lost Power Warning Flag
  • Discrete NAV Warning Flag
  • GPS, RNAV, and LORAN Compatible
  • Autopilot Outputs for Heading and Course
  • Continuously Caged Heading and Course Selection Knobs
  • Reference Aircraft and Heading Lubber Line
  • Diffused Incandescent Perimeter Lighting
  • Course Arrow with Reciprocal Indicators
  • TSO'd

The course information displayed on the NSD-360A may come from a variety of sources, including a GPS. The following NAV Receiver / RNAV Navigation Systems are also compatible with the NSD-360A:

HSIs are available in either Serviceable or Overhauled condition. We strongly recommend the Overhauled option, as shown here. Unlike many other avionics items, Gyros contain high-speed moving parts that will wear over time. Having a system Overhauled will ensure the reliability you expect from an important and expensive system. Overhauled systems come with a 6 month warranty.

We do not typically stock Overhauled NSD-360As because the "clock" would start on the overhaul warranty. Instead, we will have an HSI overhauled for you to get you a fresh inspection and full warranty period. Please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping. (If you need an NSD-360A quickly, please contact us to see what options we can offer.)

If you have any questions about this item, please click Ask us about the Century NSD-360A Slaved Compass System (HSI) to send us an email.

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